Hosting and Email

Hosting for your needs

From basic shared hosting to enterprise level cloud to dedicated racks, we got your covered. Are you a student looking for some basic virtual machine to run a small piece of code or have basic HTML website that you need for a presentation, let us know, we’ll have you get going with no hassle at all.

You are an enterprise, and need uptime and redundancy with huge data and resource need? We are going to set it up for you and all you need to do is relax, we will help you lower your expenses without compromising any of the industry standards.

We also provide Managed Services for Enterprises and Businesses, our engineers are going to manage and scale up and scale down the resources for you to save your business precious dollars.


Email is important, uptime, fask and you get the choice to integrate your Help Desk, Exchange, Calenders, Note, Teamboards, we have it all for you.